The Sensory Packaging of your Office

Finish is not simply “decoration”. The responsible coordination of your office’s esthetics include concern for: durability; fire-resistance; maintenance; asepsis in addition to their visual and tactile impression.


Many finish details will be provided on the construction drawings i.e., doors, windows, ceiling tiles. However, the optional provision of specifications for finish on all other surfaces is an integral part of the completed project.

Floor Covering

Traffic, acoustics, safety, physical stress, thermal effect in addition to the ambiance must be considered in the flooring selection process.

Window Treatment

Directional exposure, preservation of interior, thermal effect, privacy, illumination and view are critical to window treatment selection.

Wall Coverings

Similarly, traffic, acoustics, resistance to environment, usage and maintenance, are important to appropriate selection of wall coverings.


Comfort, ergonomics, adaptability to children, adults and the disabled, durability, psychological impact are key points to be addressed in seating selection.


Among the vast list of finishes are many natural materials that address the physical needs noted above and provide exceptional appeal. However, there are many synthetic finishes that effectively imitate the look, feel and physical characteristics of the natural materials, and are available at substantial savings. Responsible selection of material should encompass both entities.