Quality Assurance Through Interactive Communication

Accuracy in planning is of no value if accuracy is lacking in construction.

Project Tracking

Project tracking is nothing more than enhanced communications between you and your staff, trades personnel, equipment and specialty services representatives, governing regulatory personnel… and us. However, this simple task could not be accomplished without our knowledge of the requirements and constraints of all those listed above.

Coordination of Trades

This service is truly indispensable. It stands to reason that the people best qualified to manage the construction process, are those who conceived the plans. Further, the efficient timing and sequence of trades services is critical to budget maintenance and prevention of cost-overruns.

Site Supervision

The ergonomic placement of clinical and administrative components is completely dependent upon accurate placement of utilities and structural support. Therefore, this periodic evaluation of the construction trades ensures finite location of those adjuncts.

Millwork Supervision

Millwork is the single largest interactive support component. Therefore, it is essential that all drawings and specifications be followed to the letter to ensure proper construction and installation. With over twenty-five years of experience in cabinet manufacturing, we are well prepared to ensure the proper execution of our millwork plans.