Visualization of Your Conceptual Goals

Teamwork is essential during this phase of development. It will make the difference between a good, generic facility and an ideal environment for the administration of your clinical services.

Focused Practice Analysis

In order to set physical parameters for your facility we need to know who and what will exist within your office and how much space will be needed to accommodate them. These subjective facts are elicited through our Practice Profile form, which we designed to encompass both staffing and equipment.


The consultation, or interview process, involves your entire staff. “Wish” lists and objective views are shared in an effort to eliminate current difficulties and hone new concepts prior to implementation. These fact-finding sessions are extremely effective and consistently save time as the plans evolve.

Preliminary Plan Proposal

Preliminary plans represent the amalgamation of ideas and physical need into an identifiable format. This visual presentation is instrumental to the refinement process, and an important step in the development of a functional facility.

Final Core Floorplan

The final “core” floor plan that is produced becomes the skeleton on which all other construction information is applied. Therefore, completion of the skeletal plan marks the beginning of design and specification of all construction methods and styles.